駐屯地祭・基地祭 取材記録 / 陸上自衛隊 習志野駐屯地(第1空挺団)


Taken by own photos (for making 3D model reference materials) log - Camp Narashino, JGSDF (1st Airborne Brigade).

2019年05月23日 新設。


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習志野駐屯地 2019年03月31日

JGSDF Camp Narashino, 31 Mar. 2019

 式典の一環としての部隊行進。 Unit macrching as part of the ceremony.

Infantry Battalion of the 1st Airborne Brigade. In contrast to ordinary infantry unit, Officers carrying Minebea 9mm sub-machinegun (not 9mm handgun), and enlisted members carrying folding stock version (not fixed stock version) of Type 89 rifle. The call (cadence) was also unique.
*1 第1空挺団の普通科部隊は大隊規模に相当
Light Armoured Vehicle of Infantry Battalion (*1). Note that attached smoke discharger.
*1 Infantry units of the 1st Airborne Brigade corresponds
to battalion scale
重迫撃砲 120mm RTと重迫牽引車(高機動車の派生車のひとつ)。
120mm mortar RT and Heavy mortar tractor vehicle (derived version of HMV).
120mm mortar RT in marching.
Ground radar for reconnaissance.
1 1/2tトラックに牽引される舟艇2艘(左)と偵察用ボート(右)。
Two rowing boats (left) and a recon boat (right) towing by 1.5t truck.
資材運搬車を輸送する3 1/2tトラック。
A 3.5t truck transporting Material carrier vehicle.
JASDF's Patriot PAC2 missile located at part of camp narashino (note: PAC3 is also placed).

 装備品展示の一部(および駐屯地内の散策中に撮影したもの)。 A part of equipment display (and shoot while walking in the camp).

Middle Range Multi-Purpose Missile; MMPM.
Petriot LS JM902 (different from the ones marched vehicle).
The highest jump tower, you can see Japanese four letter motto "Seiei-muhi" (means "(We are) elite, there's nothing can be compared").
Jump tower for static line parachuting as mocked transport aircraft.
Mockup reusing retired CH-47J.
These are two UH-1H (s).
I think that this is reuse of C-1 transport aircraft (but there's no confidence or confirmation).
105mm howitzer and its shell. The largest firepower in the previous Airbone artillery battalion of 1st Airborne (currently they are using 120mm mortar as you saw).

 空挺館、天皇や皇族が旧軍騎兵連隊の馬術などを見るために作られた「御馬見所」(ごばけんじょ あるいは ごばみどころ)。 Kutei-kan (airborne hall), former Gobakenjyo or Gobamidokoro, built for the Emperor and Imperial family to watching horsemanship etc. of the Cavalry Regiment of the Imperial Japanese Army.

Kutei-kan building appearance. Shoes strictly prohibited.
銘板 Nameplate, "空挺館", "旧 御馬見所".
Watching Cherryblossom from upper floor of Kutei-kan.
A chair for the Imperial famiry at Tsudanuma station, used in the Meiji period.
旧陸軍 九七式操縦者用落下傘。解説板の文章を読むとかなり泣けてきます。
Type 97 chute for pilot (IJA) for emergency.
旧陸軍 高千穂部隊の装備。分解可能な二式テラ銃(九九式短小銃から派生)および銃携行袋(後ろ)。
Equipment of Takachiho unit, IJA. Type 2 "Te-Ra" rifle can demount to two parts (derived from Type 99 short rifle), and gun carrying case (rear).

 船橋市郷土資料館の館外展示(習志野駅(新京成)から習志野駐屯地への途中、薬園台公園にあります)。 Outside exhibition of Funabashi city district museum.

D51 125、1938年製造(日立製作所)、1973年廃車。
Manufactured in 1938 by Hitachi Ltd., Retired in 1973.
D means four driving axle (C means three driving axle), and was used to freight trains in JNR (Japanese National Railways).


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